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"I want the family farm - the backbone of our country's heritage - to thrive and survive for future generations."

Eckert AgriTours-Agritourism Vacations

What is an AgriTour?

We combine a fun and exciting travel tour with time to visit and learn from agritourism farms in the areas we are exploring.

For example, our AgriTours of Hawaii include visits to the lavender farm, a vanilla farm, coffee plantations, a cattle ranch that provides tourists with scenic tours by tram or four-wheeler, and several other unique farm enterprises. We don't just tour the farms, we meet the owners and learn how they market to the public. We talk shop for a while, and exchange ideas with our hosts and our fellow tourists.

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On the Hawaii AgriTour, we traveled from one island to the next aboard the Pride of Hawaii luxury cruise liner, disembarking each day for a combination of farm tours, touring the sites and historic monuments of Hawaii, and plenty of personal leisure time to enjoy the pleasures of the islands and the cruise ships extensive restaurants and entertainment. We travel with approximately 30-35 guests, keeping the group small enough to get acquainted with fellow farm families that often become life-long friends. We also have scheduled Farm Chats, an hour or less set aside to talk and share about our businesses, and the businesses we have seen on the Agritour.

And that's what we call an Eckert AgriTour!


bus tourEckert AgriTours visits distant locations to explore new agritourism techniquesHere's how it works. We are not a tourism agency, and don't have a list of tours to select from. Jane begins exploring various locations until she finds one that she thinks will make an exceptional AgriTour. This takes considerable research, finding contacts for everything from the farms and restaurants to the tram companies and hotels. When a package is ready, we schedule a date, usually in January or February, and start making this announcements.

Our AgriTour guests sign up, first come first serve, by making a deposit and filling out the reservation forms. All our travel is handled through Dehoney Travel, a full service travel company with generations of experience.