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"I want the family farm - the backbone of our country's heritage - to thrive and survive for future generations."

Keynote Agritourism Presentations for Agricultural Groups

Agritourism Speaker and Consultant Jane Eckert Delivers Keynote Presentations throughout North America.Jane will gladly create new keynote presentations specifically for your audience, working with you to develop the content and examples based on your group's knowledge and experience. Jane is also prepared to present the following keynotes, as always, adjusting her content and examples to directly relate to your group.

If You're So Doggone Smart, Why Are You a Farmer?
New in 2011!

“So if you’re so doggone smart, how come you are going to be a farmer like me?” your dad might ask.  Hundreds of young men and women are choosing farming for a way of life, so agritourism and direct farm marketing guru Jane Eckert decided it’s time to explore “How come?”

This keynote address explores the mysteries of why on earth anyone wants to be a farmer, with a good dash of humor and a whole lot of pride.  A sixth generation farmer’s daughter, Jane Eckert has consulted with more than 90 farms in the U.S. and Canada, and has provided workshops and keynote presentations in 38 states and 8 Canadian provinces.  Jane knows for certain that today’s American farmer is feeding the world, while living one of the best lifestyles America has to offer.

“Whethering” the New Economic Climate

As farmers, we’ve learned to deal with the “whethers” of too much or too little rain, excessive heat, late freezes, and all that Mother Nature can throw at us. Now, with the current “economic” climate, there is a new front billowing in on the horizon. Come and learn about some of the ways farmers succeeded this past year in “whethering the storm” to continue growing their businesses.

High Tech Tool Produces Higher Yield

Lots of farms have now discovered the new tool that is absolutely changing for the better the way they do their farm business. It helps them sell product in greater volumes, and to more people. It attracts more buyers to the farm. And it lets them work more efficiently, working with customers on their own schedule so they can be in the field when needed. If that sounds good to you, please join Jane, CEO of Eckert AgriMarketing and, for an overview of the Internet, the “new” tool that is helping farms work more efficiently, sell more product, and realize greater income.

The Times They Are A Changin’

Bob Dylan had it right in this famous tune—the times are changing—and the savvy farmer that is willing to change his/her tune as needed will be the one that succeeds. 

In this very special keynote, speaker Jane Eckert will help us interpret the news from her unique perspective of agritourism and direct farm marketing.  How are food trends changing the choices we make in what to plant, how to grow our crops, and how to harvest them?  How will technology affect the way you do business, how you accept orders, market your products, and interact directly with your customers?

As she travels throughout North America and beyond, Jane has her finger on the market pulse, spotting trends, such as the increase in on-farm weddings, the growing market for locally grown foods, and the necessity of marketing on the Internet.  Don’t miss these valuable insights on how we as farm marketers can benefit from today’s trends and incorporate them into our lives and businesses.

Knowing the Direction You Are Heading Will Grow Healthy Profits!

Most farmers today are familiar with using the Global Positioning System (GPS) to lay out the farm. Now, marketing consultant Jane Eckert realizes that there is also a GPS for laying out your farm path to healthy profits. In both cases, GPS is essential to tell you how to reach your destination.

Recognized with the Outstanding Leadership Award in 2005 by the North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association for her knowledge of the industry, keynoter Jane Eckert will be talking about a GPS system for direct farm marketing, and how you can use this tool to get your farm headed in the right direction!

Best of the Best

Jane Eckert has visited hundreds of farms throughout North America, from Hawaii to Virginia, and from the Canadian provinces to the southern tip of Florida. In on-site consultations, meetings, conferences, and workshops, she has listened to thousands of farmers, both those who barely get by, and those whose farms have been highly successful. In this brief presentation, Jane will share her insights as to why some farms excel above all others. Examining their approach to the farm operations, their commitment, their creativity, and their passion for their work, Jane’s inspirational message to farmers ignites a burning desire to achieve far greater success, and perhaps even to be among the best of the best.

Sowing Seeds for Profits - Right on the Farm

Today, family farms are challenged to make a living solely by growing commodities. But the answer may be right at their front door thanks to an exciting and growing trend – Agritourism. From a simple retail stand to festivals, attractions, stores and restaurants, many farmers are inviting consumers onto the farm to sell directly to them. The public loves the farm experience and farmers love the revenue growth. Jane Eckert, expert on agritourism, helped turn her family farm into a top tourist destination attracting 500,000 each year. Find out how to harvest revenues and help your farm thrive.

Sprouting Success: Planting Seeds for Agritourism

Each year 62 million people visit our farms as part of one of the fastest growing trends in tourism! Called agritourism, many family farmers are finding that by inviting the public onto their property they can sustain their agricultural lifestyle. From a simple retail stand to festivals, attractions, stores and restaurants, the public loves the farm experience and farmers love the revenue growth. Jane Eckert, expert on agritourism, helped turn her family farm into a top destination attracting 500,000 tourists each year. She'll share her funny and heart-warming stories about why people love farm destinations and why farmers are quickly jumping on the (band)wagon!