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My Focus...

"I want the family farm - the backbone of our country's heritage - to thrive and survive for future generations."

Jane Eckert's Train the Trainer Agritourism Programs

Many ag related groups have professional staff such as extension agents and co-op administrators in positions that allow them to work directly with farmers in helping them improve their products and their farm businesses. These specialists provide one-on-one and small group training throughout their assignment communities, focusing primarily on the skills that will result in better quantity and quality of farm product, or in essential business management skills.

But today, more and more family farms have begun or hope to begin selling their produce directly to public, and many are also offering agri-entertainment features such as pick you own crops, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes. That's sometimes another new skill set not only for the farmer, but for the professionals that seek to help them.

Jane Eckert, reknown throughout North America as an agritourism and agrimarketing specialist, now offers this intensive, train the trainer program to help these men and women better prepare for training their constituents.

This interactive program is designed to provide hands on skill training to the agricultural professionals in your state or organization that work directly with the farmers and ranchers. The program is designed to both improve and grow new agritourism and value added businesses.

The information covered is based on Jane's direct experience with mentoring over 90 farm businesses across North America since 2001. Jane teaches how to evaluate farm business objectives and goals, how to establish the decisions to be made for next steps in growth and to guide the farm family in building a marketing strategy.

The program includes time for group breakout sessions and role play activity to maximize the value of the content and the learning time.

Who should attend:
Extension Agents, State Department of Agriculture, RC&D, Food Co-op Administrators, Center for Rural Affairs, Cooperative Development Centers, USDA Rural Development, Travel & Tourism, state Enterprise Zone administrators, Small Business Development, Community College, state Business Development and any statewide office who works directly with farms to develop their business.

What does Jane cover:

  • Conducting farm interviews and navigating the family dynamics
  • Assessment of property potential for agritourism development
  • Understanding the "basics" of a good agritourism enterprise
  • Identification of potential new enterprises
  • Understand how to build the experience to maximize the pricing
  • Review the Eckert AgriMarketing Pie ™ to understand & utilize the basic marketing strategies in order to grow the business
  • Learn about the "free" Internet tools available for every business

Comments from Trainers:

  • I really enjoyed your training in Lincoln this week!  It was one of the best I’ve ever attended!  I walked away understanding key marketing concepts to help small ag business. (Darah Melroe, Community Development, South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service-Marshall County) 
  • I have had so many compliments about the workshop! You were very intuitive of the audience! Thank you for your expertise! (Connie Hancock, University of Nebraska Extension).I