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My Focus...

"I want the family farm - the backbone of our country's heritage - to thrive and survive for future generations."

Consultation Referrals

From my consultations clients:

"Jane consulted with us when we were first trying to turn our hobby into a legitimate agritourism business.  She would look at an area, hear our dreams, and then suggest what we might do with the area to fulfill our dreams but using the knowledge she has to make it work. We still refer to the notebook she made for us eleven years ago that gave us examples of what we could do on the farm.   We're adding an obstacle course this year using examples she gave us then.  As we've grown, we've added more of Jane's recommendations........she knows how to "make it work"! 

"I still use Jane's "3 Levels" approach to agritourism.   This was probably the best guide to agritourism that we had ever seen as a guide to "what to do next".  I keep her books on marketing handy when I need reference materials.  Jane gives the farmer the information they need to succeed in marketing their farm or venture on the farm."

Becky Walters
Walters Pumpkin Patch

"No matter what stage we have been at in our business when we have consulted Jane, she has always been able to answer the questions we've had and get us thinking in ways and directions we hadn't thought of before.  Because we are truly a Mom & Pop business, it can be so helpful to get another person's point of view, and the fact that Jane has real world experience in the industry puts her on the same wavelength as us the moment she steps on the farm."

Kim Kuiper
Kuiper's Family Farm

"Jane was wonderful to work with, as she really listened well to our needs and our vision as to where we wanted to take our farm.  Her final report covered every aspect of setting up and growing a fall farm business.  We refer to the report often, as it is our business plan and almost every move we make from decoration to marketing comes out of the report.  Our business has grown substantially since we hired her 2 years ago.

"Jane, you got us where we want to be much faster than without you.  We will follow more of your report to get ready for this year as it is our fifth year and they say this is the year a farm gets discovered and business really grows. Thank you for all your help.  When we are through with this report we may need to hire you for the next 3 to 5 year plan."

Chip Ellms
Ellms Family Farm