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My Focus...

"I want the family farm - the backbone of our country's heritage - to thrive and survive for future generations."

Rural Bounty is a directory of North American Farms, Ranches and Wineries, helping the public find agritourism properties and farm fresh fruits and, developed by Jane Eckert, is both a consumer resource and a crucial farm marketing tool. The theme is simple: we wanted a single website where consumers can find any farm product or farm activity imaginable anywhere in North America. Frankly, we aren't there yet—but only because is a brand new resource, and the farms and ranches and wineries of the U.S. and Canada must register their agritourism business. Already, several hundred have registered, and the membership is growing monthly.

Who Will Use Rural Bounty?

  • The stampede is on to vacation in the countryside—for a day, or a whole week, as urbanites flock to American’s farms, ranches, and wineries to rediscover fresh air and outdoor fun.

    But these tourists can't always find a farm close to home, or in the geographic area where they will spend their next vacation.  We are going to help them!

    Rural Bounty is investing our marketing dollars into promoting the website as North America's one stop shop for locating farms, farm products, farm activities, ranches, wineries, CSAs, etc.

Why Should Farms, Ranches and Wineries List Their Property on Rural Bounty?

    Actual Premier Listing for Goebbert's Farm 1/2009
  1. Full Page Listing: Each member will have a full web page listing, with their contact information, a description of their business, a link to their website, plus an extensive listing of their products and services (over 500 searchable categories!).  Premier Members can also add photos and additional information.
  2. Drive Traffic to Your Website: If you have a website, will bring more visitors to your site. With our marketing dollars behind Rural Bounty, they'll likely find us on the search engines first--and then if you're listed, we'll lead them right to your door.
  3. Provides You a Web Presence if you don't have a website: provides you with an extensive web presence. You have a full page listing with your description, products and activities, and you can update your listing at any time at no extra cost.
  4. is a Known Resource to Travel and Entertainment Writers: is in communication with travel and entertainment writers all over North America. When they want a story about farms, ranches, wineries, CSAs, or farm wedding venues, they turn to to begin their research.

The new website also allows farm advertisers to target the public looking at specific activities or locations, and allows farm suppliers to advertise directly to the agritourism industry using Rural Bounty services.

All businesses with a rural base are encouraged to sign up immediately by going to  For more information, visit, email us, or call Jane Eckert, at 314-862-6288.